Wednesday, 07 June 2023
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  • Engineering Consultancy

    Consultancy for Industry (telecom,IT,utility, building sector etc)

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  • Repair Services

    Repair of power electronic equipment of any brand

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  • Smart-Building solutions

    KNX worldwide standard for home and building control

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  • Fronius Service Partner

    Fronius inverter installation, commissioning and service

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  • Household Solar Systems

    Mini solar power plants up to 50kW

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  • Outdoor Enclosures

    outdoor battery cabinets

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  • Northstar Batteries

    Northstar lead acid batteries

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Indoor Battery Racks

Indoor Battery Racks for Telecom applications (48VDC):

For Northstar front terminal batteries 100Ah-180Ah /48VDC - 4 batteries per shelf






Indoor Battery Racks and Cabinets for Datacenter applications (480VDC-600DC):

Tailor made solutions for any size, brand of battery.